21 March, 2018

Next up alignment of the MSR-16.

It looks like the Tascam 38 has a problem with track 8. The MSR-16 is easier to align playback, with the trimmers accessible from the front panel drop down. Need a few more mic cables. Also, just picked up a dbx 166 which is ripe for modding, although sounds good on its own. The dbx 266A that I just modded has some weird problem with the output levels being mismatched, troubleshooting continues. Picked up an Alesis 3630 in the interim. It requires quite a bit more part substitution, but it looks like it is in pretty good shape (missing PSU) and only $30. Very very similar design as the 266A as far as I can tell comparing what schematic is available for it, but needs upgraded opamps and resistors in the signal path, as well as the VCAs and the PSU. Bigger project overall, but can disable the gate easier. The dbx just look cooler though.