02 January, 2014

The blog is launched. The website is still in progress.

This is the blog for Prague Spring, a casual and fluid musical group formed in 1986. Things are finally getting some more momentum, new gear, old gear, new music, new recordings of old music, new people, old people. The main site is still getting worked. No music is posted yet.  Someone once thought the name was progpond. Which was funny on several levels, if you're a fan of progressive rock as well. We all went through that phase in the 70s right? Yes the main site is just a simple set of pages and isn't intended to be anything flashy, just a place to host links to music.

The main website has a new temp page. The text there is a little pretentious but isn't that part of what made the 80s great? If you weren't my friend you were a poseur and vice versa?

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